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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

l1Improved integration with Outlook

The incomparable integration between CRM and Outlook became even better in Dynamics CRM Online

  • CRM EmailLinks to CRM records of every e-mail in Outlook - from the Outlook reading pane you can see how every e-mail is being monitored in CRM. Links are displayed for each contact, account and opportunity associated with e-mail – just click to go to the CRM record.
  • Conditional Formatting –Format CRM views in the same way Outlook formats e-mails and calendars. Change the colour and other formatting options to add emphasis to important data, in line with the criteria you set. For example, showing the forecast of sales opportunities above € 10.000 in Blue Bold.
  • Create new CRM records from e-mails – Outlook shows you when an e-mail is associated to CRM. To create new relationships, just convert an e-mail into a lead, contact, opportunity or other entity. The record information is automatically populated from the e-mail.

The main focus of Microsoft Dynamics Online is increased user productivity.



With many features incorporated into Microsoft Office, the immediate familiarity of Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps increase the speed of user acceptance and productivity.

Interface FamiliarThe CRM Online edition offers a flat structure which makes the CRM data more accessible to the user with fewer clicks and less open windows:

  • Familiar Ribbon Menu – Dynamics CRM Online uses on the top of the pages the same type of ribbon menu that is used in applications like Word 2010 and Excel 2010. It is contextual, adapts to every screen and can be easily customized according to individual preferences of menu commands.
  • Fewer clicks and fewer windows open – CRM records currently group individual pages on a single form as a standard template to make available in just one screen more relationship details. As a result, it takes less time to open fewer windows. Just expand and collapse form components for accessing and updating data in CRM.

New navigation tools in CRM Online, including a list of the last displayed records and navigation , to help CRM users find the information they want, faster and with fewer clicks:

  • List of recently displayed records - as well as a link to the past accessed CRM records, dashboards, views, attachments and other items. You can also set important links for a direct connection to your CRM favorites.
  • Navigation in Records - from any CRM record, including contacts, accounts and opportunities, just click to call a list of identical records and jump to another or use the forward/backward buttons to search for one at a time.

AnalysisMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Online includes dashboards that adapt to job functions and individual preferences, providing a real time view of all business areas, from pre-sales to customer service and everything else

  • Customize dashboards - Create your own CRM dashboards or share them with others.
  • Perception of performance in real time - Get on-demand answers to questions like: What is the state of the leads and opportunities pipeline? Have we neglected any of our accounts? How many leads created our last campaign? How long to solve customer problems?
  • Visible analytics - the dashboards can be integrated into any CRM view, even in Outlook itself, so the performance results are always visible and easy to consult.
  • Drill-down analysis - individual tables and graphic drill-down dashboards, defining the metrics.
  • Informed decision making – Dynamics CRM gathers data and presents them in a format for easy viewing in Dynamics CRM 2011 dashboards to help improve the speed and quality of decision-making processes.

New customization options enable to adapt Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to meet the preferences and functions of each user, in order to increase productivity and create an enthusiastic acceptance by the user.

  • Associated views - apply automatic filters to views to improve the relevance, showing only the data you want to work with. For example, restricting only to decision makers the list of contacts associated to an account.
  • Personal views - define the way how you want the appearance of CRM lists, contacts, accounts, sales and other CRM records, through custom display modes, that you can set in Outlook, and your recent list of records.
  • Views by function - client role-based adapts the views, removing information that users do not need. As a result, users have layouts and functions adapted to their job and responsibility, for greater relevance and data protection.


Dynamics CRM Online includes the ability to create your custom activity types, standard and without the need for further development.

  • Set your types of activity to control items such as surveys, holidays, Twitter updates and other forms of communication in social networks.
  • Track your customized activities with customized CRM reports.

CRM hosting done directly by Microsoft:

  • All included in a fixed price - including workflows, offline access and mobile access, in a low cost and stable subscription.
  • Service Level Agreement with99.9% uptime – a SLA financially supported by Microsoft.
  • Code in the Cloud - offers a level of customization comparable to a On-premise CRM installation.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online assistant for dialogue scripts guides users within processes, asking them to gather information that will help them qualify opportunities, manage complaints, carry out telemarketing, track support issues and deal with many other processes:

  • Consistent processing – the dialogues apply their own business rules, guiding the users to follow routine processes.
  • Better insight – to obtain information from dialogue scripts and place them in CRM fields, eventually associated to reports and to improve customer profiling, as well as the overall quality of data.
  • Less training – since the calling agents follow the scripting on the screen, there is less need of training, even enabling beginners to work at great speed.

ObjectivosMeasure the performance against the objectives, using CRM to assign and track the evolution of individual and team goals:

  • Create goals for any CRM field - using standard CRM search criteria for defining goals in any business area, to control performance patterns. For example, define goals to campaign answers, lead conversion, length of support calls, telemarketing calls and sales goals.
  • Manage goals on any term - goals established on a daily, weekly, monthly or long term basis.
  • Financial goals - Create sales goals, including criteria to process open opportunities.
  • Sub-goals - distribute goals by sales territories, by teams and individually, creating sub-divisions in main goals, including goals for specific products.
  • Track goals in real time - assess progress and detail, using integrated dashboards, to better understand their behaviour.

CRM Online includes database audit, that you can apply to any component of the database and processes, including contacts, cases and opportunities, as well as CRM custom entities.

With a fully automated CRM, the responsibility of the user is clearly defined and the critical CRM entries are protected by monitoring:

  • Updating actions
  • Dates of creation, modification and delition
  • Old values of the fields
  • New values

There are more new features of Dynamics CRM Online, such as links between records, integration with SharePoint, extend the functionality of queues, ability to include attachments when sending mass e-mails, field level security, group activities, simplified wizards of quick campaign and other.


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