A Complete Solution for the Utilities Sector.

ARQUIS gives you an integrated solution that will allow you to manage your activity on all fronts.

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ARQUIS solution was designed to cover the spectrum of nuclear procedures performed by the operator. The different systems and modules are designed to match the specific characteristics and the most common tasks that exist in typical organizational structure of the utilities business operator.

What is ARQUIS?


Fully incorporates the unique characteristics of the business, adopting the best practices.

Developed specifically for public or private companies of the sectors of production, transport, distribution and sale of energy, particularly in the following subsectors:

  • Water and Sanitation

    These services are considered general interest, essential to the well-being of citizens, public health, economic activities and environmental protection.

  • Electricity

    With the sector's liberalization any entity that sells electricity is subject to safety and quality standards and needs to dominate internal management tools to facilitate the operationalization of the deal.

  • Gas distribution

    The distribution of natural gas proceeds through the exploration of the National Network Natural Gas Distribution nominated by the state of public service concessions, exercised exclusively and in public service.

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Functional Areas

Informação de Gestão

Information Management

Custom reports for functional areas, framing metrics and management indicators defined specifically for the Utilities sector.

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Gestão de Recursos Humanos

Human Resource Management

A tool that adds various processes for administrative management of human resources. You can operate all tasks of your HR department.

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Administração e Finanças

Management and Finance

effectively manage payments, billing, inventory, analytical accounting, fixed assets and cash flow, as well as perform bank reconciliations and collections.

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Gestão Comercial

Sales Management

It offers a complete system for managing business processes, including customer management, contracts, billing and collection services provided.

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Planeamento, Construção e Gestão de Redes

Planning, Construction and Network Management

Responds to the problem of maintenance of geographically dispersed and decentralized networks ("field service"), addresses all the specific operational and maintenance aspects of the sector.

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Increase in productivity

A correct and familiar interface design of the data model, giving greater fluidity in operations and profitability in departments. There are warning mechanisms, decreasing the margin of error. Low bureaucracy in the processes and access to information from any mobile device.

Increase in Performance

Get a high level of automation and data validation, which means better performance and overall effectiveness of your organization. By improving the business data you will get a substantial reduction of loss and hence a significant increase overall revenue.

Easier Integration

An open architecture that allows an easy connection with external applications, using the existing tools on the client or the preferred products for specific applications.

Fast implementation

You will have an easy transition, both the system level to the users for new working methods of solution ARQUIS

Lower cost

Due to the configurable nature of the system, and the provision model in operational leasing system, the cost of ownership of ARQUIS solution reduces drastically.

Quick indicator's analysis

Dematerialization and de-bureaucratisation of processes, facilitates data collection and analysis, supporting the manager's decisions, access to information anywhere from a any mobile device.

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Arquiconsult is an information systems consulting company based on Microsoft technologies, formed by a consultants team with great experience in such projects operating in Portugal.

We have extensive experience in public administration, particularly in the Management of Organizational Change, Business Process Reengineering and implementation of management software solutions (ERP).

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