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We have customized solutions that allow you to have a global vision of your activity, for a better decision making.

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Arquiconsult has a team of professionals specialized in Business Intelligence that offers guarantee and high satisfaction with the available solutions. By reducing the financial impact of tools, value added is addressed in response to your business and technical needs through personalized services.

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What is Business Intelligence?

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Business Intelligence is the area of information technology that, by definition, offers decision support.

Transversal to the different business areas, BI services adapt to the specific operational and management processes of your business. Our solution allows the user to create their own analysis through simple, practical and intuitive tools, since the information is available by a simple drag-&-drop.

  • Synergy in the use of tools

    We use tools that, in the great majority of companies, are already available and used in their daily lives.

  • Family Interface

    Easy use of the system, both for its intuitive nature and for the familiarity of the interface.

  • Made to measure

    All projects in the BI area are unique. We provide an adequate solution to the needs of your company, according to your type of business.

  • Self-Service BI

    With the simple availability of information, any user can be autonomous in the creation of their analyzes and reports.

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Aimed at water management system companies, the B!ARQUIS solution allows you to assist in the global analysis of your business through the use of unique indicators and oriented to water management.



Personalized solution to transport and logistics management, with the provision of typical and specific indicators. Help your business improve your business with B! Trans, a solution suited to your business area.



The solution for analyzing the human resources of your company, in its 5 main areas: registration, attendance, remuneration, training and evaluation. Identify your human needs in the different business areas of your company with our B! HR solution.

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For retail companies and based on the technical and functional experience acquired in our LS Retail projects, we have developed an analytical module that gathers and makes available to the main indicators for this area.



Business intelligence solution, allied to enwis), developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central technology, which allows the management and complete analysis of all areas related to waste management. B! Enwis) allows you to extract indicators to control the activity and increase productivity and efficiency.

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Microsoft Power BI

Transforms the data into powerful and attractive visualizations, which you can collect, organize and share, freeing up more time for the analysis of information.


The new version added to the already strong production and distribution capacity of Reporting organizational, access and use across different mobile devices.


Ideal tool for use with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, with various analytical models and predefined visual explorations, allowing to accelerate the implementation process.


Exploration of all the features of the most used Microsoft Office tool. With the most recent versions, advanced BI functionalities arrived, transforming it into a powerful tool of work and analysis.

About Arquiconsult

Arquiconsult is an information systems consulting company, based on Microsoft business technologies, composed of the team of consultants with the most experience in this area operating in Portugal.

With a vast experience in BI projects in different industries such as Retail, Waste Management, Services and Hospitality, Arquiconsult brings together the knowledge that allows it to assume as its main mission to ensure the best solution that can add real value to the day to day of the client.

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About Arquiconsult

We help companies, teams and business units to be more efficiency, through information and documents sharing. We contribute to an effective communication between people, so they can use information in any place, any time.

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