The solution that allows a complete management and analysis of all areas related to waste management.

The Solution

You can have accurate information about:

  • MANAGEMENT: An integrated and updated view of the waste quantities, their costs and their income.
  • COMERCIAL: Comprehensive and integrated view of all existing contracts, as well as the values of all agreed services (containers, non-recoverable waste, recoverable waste).
  • LOGISTIC: Complete control of all the resources used, with the respective costs for each route, vehicle, driver.
  • FINANCIAL: Traceability of all invoices, with picking orders and even with the weighing lugs.

Business Advantages

  • The speed in implementation, because we are working with software with more than 20 years that support customers in the waste management sector around the world;
  • Full integration with all business processes and Microsoft family solutions (for example, Office and Power BI);
  • Secure investment, scalable, fully accessible wherever you are;
  • Fully flexible.

Completely adapted to the waste management particularities and complexity, allows you to extract indicators to better control activity and make sustainable decisions.


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