Your partner for sustained decision making, for easier, coherent and justified planning, contributing to increased productivity.

The Solution

The complete solution for analyzing your company's human resources in 5 main areas:

  • Register;
  • Attendance;
  • Remuneration/Costs;
  • Training;
  • Evaluation.

Identify human needs in the different business areas of your company with this solution.

A solução B!HR
Avaliação de Desempenho

Business Advantages

  • Knowing your processes better (productive, commercial, administrative and others);
  • Analyze and identify the information collected during the data capture process;
  • Measure the effectiveness of processes, actions, data or tools used in the company;
  • Control revenue and expenses;
  • Identify losses and costs (deviations from the forecast);
  • Increase profits based on produced information and statistics;
  • Plan and simulate forecasts with more security;
  • Faster analysis of information;
  • Easy reporting, dashboards and comparative statistics;
  • Quicker return on investment.

Flexibility in the execution of processes, business knowledge, support in decision making, strategic competitiveness and execution of management / operational reports.

We facilitate the interpretation of data, identify new business opportunities and help your company build a long-term strategy, increasing its visibility in the market.

Human resources advantages

The B! HR allows a more complete and accurate analysis of various management indicators, allowing a greater knowledge about the resources that we have and if they will be necessary to sustain and make the company's business evolve.

It is possible to make several studies, such as:

  • Crossing indices of attendance and productivity realizing if there is a direct relationship between absenteeism and productivity;
  • Analysis between teams and production performances or cost analysis versus profitability of each department.

Get ratios that will be the support for future changes, such as equating the decrease or expansion of resources, reinforcement in training, among other measures.

All this will allow an increase of the knowledge about the organization, based on real collected data, allowing a more facilitated, coherent and justified planning, contributing to the increase of productivity.

Avaliação de Desempenho

Exemplification of the most common indicators

There are several indicators that will help you achieve the desired results:


  • Hours and days of attendance
  • Hours and % Absenteeism
  • Additional work hours
  • Number of employees in attendance


  • Number of employees with liens
  • Amount and% Base remuneration
  • Remuneration remaining
  • Value in premium
  • Gross value
  • Hourly or unit value


  • Number of companies
  • Number of employees
  • Number and % employees +60 years
  • Number and % of employees


  • Monthly work hours
  • Number of inputs and outputs
  • Number of exits per resignation
  • Base salary
  • Antiquity
  • Turnover
  • Rate of turnover
  • Average age


  • Duration in days / hours
  • Estimated duration in days
  • Duração prevista em horas
  • Number of attendance
  • Compulsory hours of training

Training Sessions

  • Cost of training
  • Average cost of training per person
  • Total hours in hours
  • Number of sessions
B!HR - O que inclui

B!HR - What includes:

  • Process of extraction, channeling and availability of information;
  • Technical and functional team with evidence given;
  • A total of 20 dashboards (in Excel) + 4 dashboards (in Power BI);
  • Architecture totally open to new requirements;
  • 5 days of product consultancy to NAVHR / EP;
  • Installed base for new analytical capabilities.

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