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A complete and fully integrated system that operates in any area of your hospitality business.

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O Cenium is an integrated system of modules that can be used separately or in combination to form a full platform to your hospitality business. Cenium is fully integrated and optimized with Microsoft Dynamics.

About Cenium

About Cenium

This unified approach to information management provides the hotel industry with a single solution in which all operational, accounting and legal information is integrated. This information flows transparently between the various modules ensuring simultaneous access and in a consistent and visually identical way to all users.


    Fresh and relevant information can be a decisive factor in the survival of your company with today’s ever increasing competition. Few companies can tolerate inconsistencies in their information systems. Cenium delivers fresh, relevant and up to the second information. Managers have “live” status of their business and can easily monitor what is going on in the property. Cenium offers special management overview features that helps managers run their property.


    Today’s systems can all be described as interface oriented. Most hotels are using various systems on separated databases with numerous interfaces so the systems can run together. This calls for a number of service partners and possible conflicts if something goes wrong. Cenium delivers a totally integrated system. You only need one service partner and one service number. Cenium has been certified as a Microsoft Dynamics add-on product that assures total integration to other Microsoft Dynamics products.


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PMS Cenium


Provides you with a comprehensive feature set to manage all business processes required to operate an individual property or multiple properties in a chain, including hotels, conference properties or resorts with one single system.

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Cenium Lifestyle


Brings you the ability to efficiently manage all property lifestyle activities such as table reservations for your restaurants, SPA’s, Golf Courses, fitness clubs, equipment rental, lessons or ticketing just to mention a few.

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Vendas & Catering Cenium

Sales & Catering

Designed to increase customer satisfaction through all phases of a conference – booking, scheduling, re-scheduling, execution and billing. Simultaneous booking of hotel rooms, conference rooms and meals.

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Mobilidade Cenium


Remove all manual processes associated to managing your housekeeping processes, reporting mini bar consumption and restocking, guest services and even the whole front desk operation – and you can do it all from your mobile device.

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POS Retail & F&B

POS Retail & F&B

Cenium POS offers the most used Point of Sale solution in the market (LS Retail). Specially designed for the hospitality industry and retail industries. The solution features a simplified and remote handy tool to manage your business on the go.

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About Arquiconsult

Arquiconsult is an information systems consulting company based on Microsoft technologies, formed by a consultants team with great experience in such projects operating in Portugal.

We are Cenium partners so you can access all these solutions in an easier and closer way.

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Global companies that use Cenium

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The biggest opportunity we see with Cenium is the long term cost reduction. Cenium delivers a very quick ROI. And, if we want to do a resortwide initiative, we can do it at 20 percent of the cost because we aren’t involving four to five different vendors. In addition, development time is considerably reduced. Cenium delivers custom funtionality overnight vs. three to six months for other vendors to produce the same thing. Cenium is the absolute best solution for Blue Mountain Resort and its available today at a fraction of the cost of what we have been paying to multiple vendors.

John Gowers, CIO, Blue Mountain

Having evaluated numerous solutions and undertaking a rigorous selection process, Cenium’s ERP solution is delivering a completely new and refreshing solution to the hospitality market. The richness in the product suite, coupled with the strength and industry expertise of the Cenium team were the driving reasons for our decision.

Ken Fasnacht, Director of Finance, Silver Reef Hotel Casino Spa

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About Arquiconsult

We help companies, teams and business units to be more efficiency, through information and documents sharing. We contribute to an effective communication between people, so they can use information in any place, any time.

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