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We believe that we can improve processes

We help companies, teams and business units to be more efficient, by sharing information and documents. We contribute to more effective communication among people, making possible to take advantage of the information available anywhere, anytime.

Retail & Commerce

LS Retail, an integrated vertical solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (A.K.A. Dynamics NAV), that combines Front and Back Office.

Transports & Logistics

NaviTrans and NavShip for logistic companies, freight, distribution, transit, warehouses.

Supply Chain Management

We have multiple integrated solutions for industry, to quality management, waste, etc.

Water & Environment

We offer an complete and integrated solution for the utilities sector, ARQUIS, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (A.K.A. Dynamics NAV).


Cenium is a solution that operates in any hospitality business area. Optimized for Microsoft Dynamics.


A solution designed according to the best business practices for Cork - CorkVision.



We spend a great deal of time planning organizational solutions to every challenge that we have in hands, to fulfill costumer's needs.



We have a wide range and flexible staff available in all the phases of the project to provide support when it is needed.



Each solution we deliver is unique and tailored to the client's reality. They are versatile and designed for each project.

Our services

These are the main areas of Arquiconsult's activity.


Learn more about the services we provide and get all the support you need on the implementation of your new ERP.

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Articles | May, 08 2020

Business Intelligence is a key tool for companies because brings insights to day-to-day operation, giving us Analysis and Forecasting, that is, the Power of Knowledge!

Articles | May, 08 2020

Arquiconsult activated, right from the beginning of this pandemic, more precisely on March 9, its Prevention Plan with the aim of ensuring that its teams…

News | May, 06 2020

LS Retail recognizes the commitment and results achieved by its partners and, over the years, has honored its performance and respective sales levels. Arquiconsult as…

Supply Chain Meeting

Convidamo-lo a estar presente no evento que pretende mostrar as novas realidades da Supply Chain, onde a Arquiconsult também marcará presença, assim como de mais de 1500 participantes do sector.

Actualmente é impossível imaginar empresas desta área a operarem sem a integração constante da tecnologia, presente tanto nos equipamentos usados como no próprio software. Há uma constante mudança de paradigma, na forma como comunicamos e como trabalhamos, existem as redes sociais, as apps, a impressão 3D, a realidade aumentada, a Internet. Neste evento conhecerá todas as novidades do sector, nos stands ou nas conferências (mais de 100 oradores) e no próprio espaço de networking, dedicado ao tema.

Contamos com a sua visita e esperamos esclarecê-lo sobre tudo o que pode melhorar no seu processo de negócio. Pode inscrever-se gratuitamente aqui.

Entretanto, pode visitar aqui o nosso microsite dedicado a empresas fornecedoras de serviços logísticos, transporte de mercadorias, distribuição e transitários.