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Employee Portal, the best portal for your Human Resources management


Employee Portal allows you to access to information of your employees in one place. Save time for more important tasks in your day-to-day.

Start with a simple and intuitive solution. Adapt Employee Portal to your needs and make it indispensable in the management of your human resources.

You can access the Employee Portal from any mobile device - tablet or smartphone - or through the web application.

Our solution is transversal, so you can use it wherever you are and when you have more time. You will find updated information on any of the devices that access.

Key Benefits:


Access Employee Portal through your browser.


Employee Portal fits properly on any device.


You can access Employee Portal through multiple browsers.

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Visit our microsite Employee Portal to know more about our solution.

Microsite Employee Portal

To know more, visit our microsite
about Employee Portal.

Employee Portal Microsite