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Sana Commerce, a set of complete and integrated e-Commerce solutions


Sana is the most effective way to increase your sales and make your brand a benchmark in the market.

Reduce costs, eliminate middlemen and steps in the business process and save time. Ensure a rapid response to your customers and earn their loyalty. Make your activity worth by the quality of the service provided.

It provides a set of complete and integrated e-Commerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics that supports both producers and wholesalers and retailers to streamline their activity and includes support mobile. Speed and efficiency characterize the greatest benefits that Sana can bring to your business. It has:

Online Shop

Easier access to catalogs, order entry, inventory analysis and real-time prices, which serves the requirements of customers 24 hours a day, every day of the week, minimizing error rates.


Allows our customers greater proximity within your network, creating targeted marketing campaigns that allow, simultaneous, greater projection of your brand and more profitable sales.

Sana areas


Knowing your customers means that you can provide them with better service. With the B2B e-commerce platform you can continue to sell out of office hours and also provide a personalized service.


Create an identical experience across all of your sale channels for your customers. Get data from a single source through your ERP solution provided by Sana Commerce.


Our online application provides support to your sales agents while they are away from the office.


Find a product in a store with thousands of products seems like an impossible task. However, an online portal linked to your ERP will allow your customers to easily find what they want.

Visit our microsite SANA to know more about our solution.

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To know more about our solution visit our microsite about Sana.

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