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About the Solution

Our solution covers a wide range of functionalities - from software certification, SAF-T, communication of transport documents, transaction registration in VAT according to national legislation, a statement tool for VAT validation and Declaration File Generation and also management of fixed assets according to current legislation.

The Portuguese Localization is divided into six main components: Certification, SAF-T, VAT & Statutory Reports, Fixed Assets, IES and Retail (Dynamics 365 for Retail (A.K.A. Dynamics AX)).


Software Certification:

Legal requirement which determines that all documents related to a sale or transport of goods need to be signed by a digital key assigned to each software producer. This requirement also enforces specific guidelines related to document layout and numbering.

VAT validation number:

Functionality that validates using an online service (VIES webservice), if the VAT number is valid in terms of registration (only for certain types of VAT numbers).

Communication of Transport Documents:

Electronic submission of transport documents to the AT (Tax Authorities).


SAF-T is a XML audit file usually required by tax authorities in specific situations (usually audit processes) and its simplified form is used for monthly sales submission to the Tax Authority. This file typically includes several sections of information about the company and, more importantly, master data (chart of accounts, suppliers, customers, products, etc.), accounting transactions and sales documents, transport documents, working documents and payments. This file can be exported in several versions:

  • Integrated (all the information);
  • Accounting (does not include products and sales documents);
  • Billing (not including account charts, suppliers and accounting transactions);
  • It is also possible to create simplified versions that allow for partial;
  • Extraction, including versions to submit monthly sales and transport documents.

Since Dynamics 365 for Retail (A.K.A. Dynamics AX) version 2012 R3 (CU8) we implemented a new module that includes a SAF-T validator integrated into the solution, allowing the user to have control of the submission process and validation of data delivered to the Tax Authority.

Customer Receipt management: VAT Cash receipts and general receipts. Allows the user to manage the receipts with options to cancel and replace receitps.

VAT and Statutory Reports

Inventory Transactions Accounting:

It refers to some specific types of transactions to support local requirements regarding taxes and specific posting requirements (P&L).

Billing models:

Functionality that allows you to automate the process of treatment and VAT classification for sales and purchases at the order level. This feature allows you to manage billing per type, with specific numbering sequences, VAT classification and respective registration in accounting.

Purchases Charges:

It’s a feature that allows a specific accounting for VAT, according to the purchasing account originally used in the acquisition.

VAT Statutory Reports:

Statutory (Recapitulative) Reports for VAT on purchases and sales.

Letter of VAT Adjustment (credit note):

Document that is delivered alongside with the credit note and allows the support of the VAT regularization process.


Statistic file for Bank of Portugal

Withholding Tax:

Functionality that allows basic management of the retention process in payment to customers as well as to suppliers


Supporting file to bank transfers (not international)

Process and support file to bank wire transfers

Vendor settlement note:

Allows the user to print a report showing the payed documents to a specific vendor.

Trial Balance for Customers and Suppliers

VAT Statement:

Tool that allows the user to configure and generate the VAT Statement directly in Dynamics 365 for Retail (A.K.A. Dynamics AX). The solution generates the electronic submission files to the Tax Authority.

This tool is based on the use of VAT groups and classification of documents, and allows you to create the base of the following statements:

  • Periodic statement and annexes
  • Statement of intra-Community acquisitions by country and VAT numbers
  • 40 and 41 attachments

Cash Flows Statement:

Tool that allows you to manage and generate the Cash Flows Statement according to the Portuguese law requirements.

Cash discounts:

Specific treatment to VAT for cash discount.


Annual Statement.

Fixed Assets

The fixed assets module has been completely revised and redesigned in order to comply with Portuguese legal requirements. This module also allows generating the main legal reports:

  • Losses and Gains (Model 31)
  • Depreciation and amortization (Model 32)

Dynamics for Retail

With the introduction of a Microsoft Omnichannel solution dedicated to retail, Arquiconsult developed, starting from the Dynamics 365 for Retail (A.K.A. Dynamics AX) 2012 R3 version, a specific module that allows retailers to use the Retail POS application on a fully compliant platform, according to the latest legal requirements in Portugal. The most relevant changes are related to the sales document certification, mandatory customer information capture at POS, tax (VAT) treatment, SAF-T exportation and a complete integration into accounting.


To know more about our Portuguese Localization, you can download the factsheet: