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Microsoft finally had the best scores of all participating vendors and can thus be regarded for this year as the ‘leader among the leaders’.

What is the impact when the end-users of your business software haven't had enough training to get their ERP/CRM driver’s license.

AppSource gives both customers and the partner community a great insight in the availability of relevant standard solutions. And to benefit from ‘IKEA-like’ implementations.

From the 1st of July the normal VAT rate in Azores will be 30% lower than the national normal rate, the maximum level legally admitted, going from 18% to 16%.

There is a common understanding that the contribution of the chosen software solution set is less than 50 percent of the defined success in CRM/ERP projects or digital transformation initiatives. Nevertheless, the focus in market research is still mainly on the technology part

A solid preparation for an organizational project starts much earlier compared with the traditional, more technology-driven projects. And because of the nature of today’s projects, there is an urgent need to include different roles in your project if success is the only realistic option.

. To continuously improve its solutions, Microsoft actively uses the brains and creativity of its implementation partners and end-users worldwide.

Buyers of business solutions all over the world have one thing in common. They want their favorite solutions to be delivered, implemented and supported both good, fast and cheap.

Unlike other vendors, Microsoft and her Dynamics 365 partner channel seem to be little affected by the crisis. The revenue from the Dynamics ERP and CRM products and cloud services increased 26%.

Today, Microsoft is widely perceived as a real leader in Digital Transformation. The company’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. And that’s exactly what Microsoft does.

So if you want to be successful in that ongoing ‘war for talent’, it makes sense to make sure that your IT solutions, your business processes and the internal collaboration are nothing less than perfect.

A portal that allows HR Manager manage and develop tasks, promoting greater proximity between the company and employees, unifying data in one place.

Dynamics 365 Business Central now has over 15.000 customer organizations on its SaaS platform and is seeing 200 percent annual growth in users. These updated numbers came from Microsoft’s general manager Mike Morton

These days, there is a multitude of reasons to create huge implementation projects. And to be honest, each and every single argument to add to your project scope can make sense.

Rough estimates tell that 40 percent of all companies using on-premise solutions don’t make a daily back-up of their data. Is that shocking news for you?

The good news for all Dynamics NAV customers is that the support will continue. As there will also be new versions available. However, the real innovation is expected in Business Central as that product line is Microsoft’s strategic offering for the mid-market.

Digital transformation is often too closely linked to just technology with less focus on technology’s ability to improve business functions. It gives your company the opportunity to reshape the organization, modernize the business processes and how your employees work together, improve your products and services and put your customers as the central focus of everything you do.

Arquiconsult started the year 2021 with the strengthening of its position in the Iberian market, after having completed the purchase of the Spanish company QAPoint. The company, based in Madrid, was born 11 years ago and has Microsoft Dynamics AX / FO as its core business.

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