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ARQUICONSULT, AITEC and Eng.º José Mourarias have reached an agreement so that the activity centered on ERP and CRM Dynamics and essentially developed within the scope of Link Management Solutions (LMS), are incorporated in ARQUICONSULT.

Retail customers shop at one retailer or another based on a combination of: product, selection, price, convenience, shopping experience, service and the retailer’s reputation.

Arquiconsult, leading provider of intelligent Microsoft technology solutions for Logistics and transport companies, In Portugal, has been recognized for its outstanding performance, by Young and Partners, at NaviTrans International Community Conference, in Antuerp.

The retail business is hard. One third of new companies close within two years of opening; 50% of new companies fail within five years.

Among manage cash flow, retain employees, be aware of the regular changes and keep the customers happy, there is much to worry about when developing a business small or medium size.

Retailers that want to stay ahead of their competitors constantly need to find new ways to respond to evolving shopper needs and shifting expectations.

Speaking in Reykjavik, Iceland, LS Retail’s CEO Magnus Norddahl forecast that the release of this fresh version of LS Nav would spark considerable interest in the retail and hospitality community, as it has in the recent past.

Loyalty programs can be an effective way to reward regular customers, drive repeat business and deliver great customer service. However, not all programs hit the mark.

In Arquiconsult we believe that companies should have a prominent social role, in addition to creating jobs and stimulating the development.

In today’s competitive marketplace, your ability to access reliable data quickly and easily can mean the difference between winning the next opportunity or losing it.

We have made a selection of the 5 main reasons why start selling online also suits your business, provided by our customers, who have many years of experience in B2B e-commerce.

| Friday, 26 August 2016

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

Arquiconsult was in Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 event - Preview Technical Conference on 26 to 28 October in Seattle.

Closing business, achieve goals and prospect new opportunities! This is the context where time is precious when you have an organization oriented to sales.

Discounts, discounts everywhere. Is there any time in the retail year when there is no ‘Sale’, when retailers won’t find a special reason to give discounts? 

Running a growing business is never easy. As many small or midsized manufacturers and distributors well know, changing economic conditions...

| Friday, 26 August 2016


In Arquiconsult and Centrality we believe that social responsibility is a key concept within the business.

Last February 17 we held at the restaurant By The Wine in Lisbon, Nintex EssenceX event where we learned a little more about what universe Nintex has to offer.

If you have big plans then you need technology that allows you to expand your business.

How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online positively impact manufacturers that implement it?

| Thursday, 25 August 2016

Directions EMEA 2014

Arquiconsult was, again, at Directions EMEA. It took place from October 8 to 10 in Poznan, Poland, and was the great annual event for Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners with the theme: Emerging Dynamics.

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