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| Wednesday, 25 March 2020 |

Business Intelligence, solution just a click away!

Business Intelligence (BI) is a solution that, in most cases, involves the integration and delivery of relevant and vital information to each organization.

Regarding the actual situation, it is vital for any manager to access remotely to all information related to his activity, allowing him to carry out crucial actions for the continuity of his business!

Companies that use BI can easily detect significant events, monitor market trends or deviations from the same period or budget, in order to quickly adapt to market circumstances, driving the business in the right direction, even from a distance.

If we think, as an example, a reference group in industrial footwear industry, which, in this phase of restricted access to factories, manages, nevertheless, to easily control its three main production centers (Portugal, USA and Holland), or monitoring production losses and / or sales trends, we can easily understand the importance and relevance of BI.

This flexibility allows the manager to safely safeguard his entire business and minimize negative impacts, taking preventive measures in breakings and stocks management. We used the example of an organization with several manufacturing units spread over different geographies, but the truth is that BI is a tool that cuts across all segments of activity and every company type or size.

BI is the best solution to give you constant access to:

  • Production and/or Sales evolution;
  • Detect business areas or processes improvements;
  • Stock management and possible replacement needs;
  • Plan/budget deviations;
  • Discover new trends or correlations between products or other dimensions of analysis;
  • Among many other gains.

Business Intelligence is the smartest way to keep track of your business, even remotely, just a click away!

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