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| Thursday, 02 April 2020 |

What is it and why do we need Business Intelligence?

In a Business Intelligence (BI) solution, we can find a set of applications and technologies that allow us to store and consolidate management information in an optimized way for analysis, and make it available to all stakeholders in the organization decision making, wherever these meet, and from any device (PC, Tablet or Smartphone).

In data driven companies, BI is the pillar that allows us to understand what happened, but above all, where the efforts of production, sales, marketing, improvement of internal processes should be invested, among so many other variables that contribute for companies to reach the desired results.

There are several applications for BI solutions, which may include decision support activities such as ad-hoc consultations and reports, statistical analysis, predictions and simulations, data mining or results obtained using artificial intelligence (AI).

Business Intelligence is a management solution based on data models organized and oriented towards profitability and business growth. Some examples of questions answered by BI:

  • Does my company work as planned?
  • Budget x Sales x Orders

  • Why don't I achieve my results?
  • Profit and margin analysis by product, department, events, etc

  • What corrective actions can we take?
  • Trends and predictions

These questions and answers allow, in a substantiated way, to reduce operational costs, change strategies or processes, and obtain greater profitability, quickly and with a greater guarantee of return. Therefore, remember that BI does not solve difficulties, but it allows you, as a manager, to define the best actions to solve them.

Associating Business Intelligence to your business is benefiting from the power of your company's data, just a click away!

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