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| Wednesday, 02 September 2020 |

KLOG Transport Solutions: Press Release

Overcoming crisis and projecting the future with new projects

Klog Transport Solutions, a company that operates in land transport sector, dangerous goods transport, containers, and cargo in general, was founded in 2018 by the partners of KLOG Logistics Solutions.

Having a national and international activity, the company has continuously been investing in technology allowing an adequate response its needs. Dynamics 365 Business Central NaviTrans ERP, in conjunction with the OBC (On Board Computer) solution, a telematics and navigation system with professional GPS for trucks, with continuous measurement of driving performance and fleet management, is a good example of a management tool that adds value to the company's performance and ensures a more efficient management of the entire fleet, with more productivity and less means.

During the confinement period the country was subjected to, KLOG, given the evident decrease in cargo volume and the closure of its main customers, was forced to resort to the total layoff in the months of April and May. During this closing period, KLOG Transportes continued to ensure B2B and B2C deliveries throughout the national territory through KLOG Logistics' national distribution network. As of June, with the gradual resumption of activity, the company begins partial layoff.

In this layoff situation, Dynamics NaviTrans was crucial as it allowed wages to be managed automatically, ensuring compliance with all legal procedures required for both layoff situations, total and partial.

For the near future, the company intends to affirm the brand in international transport market, with a special focus on the Iberian market. To this end, KLOG has been investing in general cargo, intermodal, controlled temperature transport and special equipment, particularly for duo-trailler transport, this last being a model project with IMT (*). Immediately, in the very short term, KLOG will start its activity for the MAGHREB markets.

(*) IMT: Instituto da Mobilidade e Transportes I.P - The Institute of Mobility and Transport (IMT, I.P.) is a public institute integrated in the indirect administration of the State, with jurisdiction over mobility and transport throughout the Portuguese territory.

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