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CorkVision, the solution for Cork Industry companies


Do you control the margin throughout the various stages of the business, from the purchase of raw materials, manufacturing, choice and marketing? Do you carry out an efficient management of samples, be they standard (internal or external), or specific by client? Have you got a have a full track of the product during all the stages of production and outsourcing?

The answer to these questions and many other issues regarding your business are found in CorkVision, a solution designed according to the best business practices in the Cork Industry. In an increasingly demanding and global market, the efficient and integrated control of all business processes and quality of information are critical factors for the success of your company. In an industry with very particular and complex characteristics, only a specifically designed and implemented solution by a company that has a deep knowledge of the industry and speaks its language, is able to successfully respond to the various challenges arising in companies be they with exclusively local activity, or those with different branches and worldwide representations.

In Arquiconsult, the experience gathered through numerous implementations on several continents, enables us to implement solutions and support global companies through a local performance, either in accordance with legal requirements or with its own operational requirements. The Corkvision solution was designed in a comprehensive manner to allow it to manage its operation globally and at the same time enabling a local implementation, based on localized versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central (A.K.A. Dynamics NAV) ERP in more than 40 countries available on our network of worldwide coverage.

Corkvision is a modular solution constituted by:

CorkVision Base

Includes the basic management of product and the structure of product configurator. The main objective of this module is to serve as support for the foundation of classification (product references) that allows you to control the various stages of transformation that the product suffers along the value chain in your company or in partners.

CorkVision Sales

Has all the functionalities normally necessary to manage the sales structure, including the management process of the product/client relation and the operation integration of the sales force, CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365.

CorkVision Processing

Designed for operational management of production and shopfloor control (allows integration with the mobility solution).

CorkVision Sort

Both in terms of manufacturing and marketing, the selection process is a critical stage of the value chain of your company. This module provides access to the functionality needed to make this process simple and at the same time control its operations effectively, also enhancing greater internal visibility of this process.

CorkVision Logistics

Area dedicated to the management of the the supply chain of your company, encompassing the reception of material and respective labeling, bar code integration, interfaces with measuring devices, management of physical storage in the warehouse and finally, the dispatch of material integrated in a labeling process and of the end product and management of loading notices


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