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Cenium, a complete and integrated system for hospitality business


Cenium is an integrated modular system which can be used separately or combinated in order to build a complete platform for your hospitality business. Cenium is fully integrated and optimized with Microsoft Dynamics.

This unified approach to the information management available for hotel industry in a single solution and where all the operational, accounting and legal information is integrated. This information flows seamlessly between various modules providing simultaneous access, consistent and visually identical to all users.

Complete overview in real time

Few companies can tolerate inconsistencies in their information systems. Cenium supply current and relevant information whatever the chosen deployment architecture. Managers can access from any device and know the current status of any unit.

Less interfaces

Systems can be described as interface oriented. Most systems use multiple hotels in separate databases, sometimes incompatible. This reality compels us to maintain business relationships with a large number of service companies with the latent possibility of conflict when something goes wrong. Cenium is a single system. You only need to contact a service partner. Cenium is certified by Microsoft and ensure full transparency and compatibility with all areas of Microsoft Dynamics.

Cenium has five solutions


Features management for all business processes necessary to the operation of one or more units, including hotels, conference centers, resorts, without the difficulties inherent of using multiple systems.


We offer the ability to efficiently manage all activities of the Hotel or Resort, such as table reservations for restaurants, Golf, Spa, courses, clubs, rental equipment, lessons or issue tickets for a particular area.


A comprehensive set of features to manage all business processes required for booking, management, execution of conferences and other events. When integrated, the information is available anytime, anywhere.


You can delete all the manual processes associated with management cleaning, minibar reporting, consumption, inventory, customer service and even entire reception operation (check-in), via any mobile device.

POS Retail & F&B

Cenium POS offers Point of Sale solution most widely used on the market (LS Retail). It is a solution specially designed to hotel industry and retail industries. The solution offers a simplified and remote handy tool to manage your business anywhere.

Visit our microsite CENIUM to know more about this solution.

Microsite CENIUM

To know more, visit our microsite about CENIUM.

CENIUM Microsite


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