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Optical for LS Retail



Optical for LS Retail guarantees the management of all functionalities inherent to Opticians and / or sunglasses stores, Optometry Offices (with or without retail sales) and Ophthalmology Clinics.

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Optical for
LS Retail

Solution developed by Arquiconsult, based on a leading retail solution - LS Retail, that offers you tools to manage all stages in an optical store chain, from the inventory of lenses to the completion of a sale.


Optical for LS Retail solution perfectly integrates all processes, reducing operation costs, simplifying management and ensuring greater profitability.

Intuitive and

It is an intuitive and user-friendly solution, even for non-technical functions, providing Management with full visibility of the stores' performance.


Features available with Optical for LS Retail

See how simple it is with Optical for LS Retail to manage your business without losing the overview of your store's performance, from stock management, orders, customer records or loyalty and follow-up campaigns, everything based on customer transaction history.

Ordering lenses

Access to sales / purchase history

Creation of contact lenses and variants

Easy client search and editing

Customer Notification via SMS, Email or Telephone

Management control

Extraction of various indicators about your activity

Generation of specific documents


Purchase Order


Warehouse reception control, based on different documents

Purchase Order

Sales Order

Prepayment tracking

Without Association

With customer association

Associated with an order

Lens configuration and selection

Possibility to make your own “Assortment” configuration

Replacement purchases by

Damaged lenses

Wrong measures

Customer dissatisfaction

Contact lens subscription management

Subscription Management

Periodic distribution management

Billing management

Interconnection with data analytics solution

Easily connect Optical for LS Retail with Business Intelligence and get your activity data online and on time, wherever you are


SF-6 (Interface provided by Lens Manufacturers, with information on prices, availability, etc.)

B2B purchase orders (creation of files to be sent to suppliers or franchise stores)

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