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Navitrans, the ERP for Freight and Logistics companies


Navitrans is a management software suitable for such diverse activities as the transport of goods, distribution, transit, storage, even offering several of these in an integrated way.

International solution operating in multiple markets, Navitrans is much more than a certificate addon for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (A.K.A. Dynamics NAV). Fully integrated with the standard features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Navitrans and Dynamics 365 Business Central are transformed into a single system allowing, beyond control of the core business processes, manage the remaining areas of your organization, such as human resources, financial management and CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This level of integration makes Navitrans the only software solution available for this activity sector. If you are a logistics service provider, Navitrans will allow you to optimize your backoffice management processes.

There are 3 major areas in Navitrans


It supports transport processes, own and subcontractors, including the planning of operational movements and compliance of the procedures according to each type of transport.


It supports the process of forwarding by sea, air, road, rail, of groupage, general cargo and containerized, and a module for tasks workflow, with the issuance of all due documentation.


It supports logistic processes management articles for themselves or others from the usual movements in and out of items, collection and storage, to value-added logistics (VAL). It also allows warehouse automation features and integration with portable solutions.

Included in the nuclear areas, has several additional modules with complementary features such as:

  • Pallet Management by customer, location, truck, trailer, driver;
  • COD (Cash On Delivery);
  • Fleet Management, planning and execution of maintenance;
  • Fuel Management;
  • Graphic Planning;
  • Cartography integration;
  • Integration with warehouse portable readers;
  • Integration with board computers.

The Navitrans is a multi-user, multi-language, multi-company and multi-national system, adapting to both companies with a single installation and specialized in a certain type of transport, such as international networks and business groups with hundreds of users and multiple types of logistics services.

The intersections among companies in Navitrans allows a business group to use the same data base, such as customers, suppliers, addresses, postal codes.

The multi-warehouse architecture allows with only one data entry, that information is available for all deposits, departments and group companies

The international aspect of Navitrans can manage processes and manage information in accordance with the legal requirements of each country, while still allowing the use of multiple languages and currencie.

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