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NavShip, the add-on made thinking about your shipping business


The NavShip add-on is a verticalization of the shipping business developed for the specific needs of ship owners and agents, with a wide range of functionalities necessary for cargo and ship agency activity.

It is fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (A.K.A. Dynamics NAV) ERP, constituting a powerful tool for shipping companies, covering their specific needs in the following areas: sales, cargo management, equipment management, financial management and reporting. In addition to the normal needs of most companies in accounting, logistics and administrative terms.

Key Benefits:

  • Higher productivity: as the information is shared by the different areas of the company, eliminating the duplication of data insertion;
  • Better information quality: the use of a single database allows immediate access to management data. On the other hand, the elimination of duplication in the introduction of data gives greater reliability in the data returned by the different areas, from operational to financial / accounting;
  • Integrated vision of the business: complete integration with an ERP gives the possibility to "look" for the business in an integrated way, with links between the financial and operational areas;
  • Great scalability: when developed in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, it guarantees access to the application's own development tools, allowing you to make changes and adjustments to the features quickly and according to the evolution of the standard product itself.

Features Overview


  • System identification of the conditions proposed to the customer for each transport;
  • Contract management versions, with a standard indication of reasons for non-acceptance;
  • Integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central, CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Outlook;
  • Connection with the sales managers task management.


  • Bookings creation (Reservation of space on ships);
  • Documents emission;
  • Communication documentation emission;
  • Load in part-load;
  • Bulk loading;
  • Process budgeting;
  • Contracting of local services (land transport, dispatch, storage).

Load Storage

  • Load entry records in warehouse;
  • Issue of load identification labels;
  • Consolidation of goods;
  • Warehouse Exit Log.


  • Container registration;
  • Configuration of container handling cycles;
  • Container type movement limitation setting by location;
  • Control of the availability and movement of containers;
  • Definition of rules for management of over-stays;
  • Management of container rental contracts.


  • Ship registry;
  • Issuing of cost estimates (disbursement account);
  • Cost control;
  • Cash management and Cash to master (CTM);
  • Disbursement account;
  • Management of the information to be communicated to the entities involved in the process;
  • Scale Event Log.


  • Process control;
  • Comparison with budget / estimation;
  • Provisional closing of processes;
  • Accounting integration.

NavShip Factsheet

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about NavShip.

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