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Enwis)®, the integrated Waste Management solution


Enwis)® is a software developed under the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central technology, that allows complete management of all areas related to waste management. It can function fully integrated, from the operational area to the financial area, or integrate with other solutions, thus ensuring only operational management.

Waste Management companies, to succeed in an increasingly competitive market, must keep their processes efficient and avoid mistakes that generates additional costs, in an increasingly regulated activity. This way, it is essential to ensure transparency between several areas of business, and this is possible only with an integrated solution.

Enwis)® solution replaces a set of individual solutions in different areas of use that are often not linked to each other efficiently and seamlessly. Consequently, data is duplicated and isn’t readily available to users so that the correct information can be used for management analysis.

Key Benefits:


An integrated and up-to-date view of the quantities of waste, their costs and their income.


Full and integrated view (without duplication of data) of all contracts in force, as well as the values of all agreed services (containers, non-recoverable, recoverable).


Complete control of all used resources, with respective costs for each turn, vehicle, driver.


Traceability of all invoices, with picking orders and even with weighing lugs.

Multiple features you can find in enwis)®

  • Business Management / Contracts Management
  • Billing (Waste, Services and Equipment Rental)
  • Planning and Routes Management
  • Receiving, Expediting and Storing Waste
  • Treatment and Production

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