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CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365


Go beyond sales force automation with Dynamics 365, to better understand market needs, personalize your offer and create long lasting relationships with your customers.

Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities with specific applications, which help you to effectively manage your business and allow your organization to transform, to better respond to customer needs and find new opportunities.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of applications for intelligent management, that enable your organization to grow, evolve and transform, to respond to future challenges.


Benefit from Artificial Intelligence advantages in your business.

Speed up processes or promote change in your sector by turning Artificial Intelligence accessible to all your company elements. With Dynamics 365 AI you are free to solve problems and make sustainable decisions, with the help of intelligent tools adaptable to your reality, namely:

  • Sales Insights
  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Service Insights

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Go beyond sales force automation with a solution that allows you to better understand your customers' needs, interact more efficiently and get more business.

Dynamics 365 Sales allows you to:

  • Get full visibility of your opportunities, communications, resources and access statistical data;
  • Obtain information and auxiliary content on a common platform, shared by all your team members;
  • Monitor and verify the results of your work in real time;
  • Potentialize social networks in sales process by sharing relevant information to your audience;
  • Work with apps that provide information, tasks and results, any time and wherever you are;
  • Potentialize cross-selling and increase your sales, using Power BI data.
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Have your company equipped with an intelligent customer service that ensures your customers' loyalty and guarantees an effective service to companies, in direct sales or online.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows you to:

  • Access information online and on time, through a portal;
  • Guarantee the crossing of multi-channel information, allowing the introduction of relevant insights in sales process;
  • Enable access to an information mobile platform, which allows to improve and complete sales process;
  • Provide an Onsite service that automates operations, making selling a quick process;
  • Use reporting and analytics tools to predict behavior, anticipate market needs and increase sales.
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Solve service problems before they occur, reduce operation costs and provide positive experiences in installations through built-in information analysis.

Dynamics 365 Field Service allows you to:

  • Obtain insights and information;
  • Optimize the management of your resources and inventory;
  • Increase efficiency and share relevant information, to better respond to customer needs;
  • Interact proactively with your customers, creating reliable and easy-to-use service experiences;
  • Innovate with an adaptable platform, easy to customize, expand and interconnect with other applications and services that you currently use;
  • Provide modern tools, such as video calls in mixed reality, annotations and file sharing, to obtain the necessary information for problem solving.
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Build trusting relationships with customers by providing amazing project experiences. Supply profitable projects on time and on budget.

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation allows you to:

  • Plan projects and schedule your team's work;
  • Establish opportunities through dashboards that projects open opportunities and measures profitability and viability percentage of doing business;
  • Provide mobile tools of Office 365 productivity, efficient and easy-to-use;
  • Simplify the connection between sellers, project managers and resources, to respond to demand and manage resource allocation;
  • Automate invoices generation, approval and distribution, allowing a correct integration with financial department;
  • Simplify the management of estimated time and time invoiced in the project, integrating tasks and delivery of work / product or service in calendars available by Dynamics 365;
  • Ensure integration with financial back-office system, to obtain a complete analysis of profitability, revenues and expenses between organizations, allowing for a solid reporting base.
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Identify and promote more potential sales-ready opportunities. Link sales and marketing, automate processes and make more informed decisions to maximize marketing ROI.

Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to:

  • Connect all sales channels, email marketing, SMS, social network, events or direct sales, and streamline campaigns creation, segmenting customers and prospects to improve results;
  • Integrate planning with the investment made in each of the channels used in sales strategy;
  • Qualify and segment leads, enabling you to provide the right and interesting content to your future client;
  • Inform your team about the schedule of actions, campaigns and objectives, creating a solid relationship between Marketing and Sales;
  • Get the reports you need to quickly evaluate your activity, with Power BI features.
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