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Continia Document Capture, the solution that automates all your process flows


The world’s most popular solution for scanning invoices and other documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

As the only solution on the market, we offer automatic registration of documents, OCR data extraction, an advanced approval workflow, and a full-text searchable digital archive.

Continia Document Capture is certified by Microsoft and, based on experience from more than 1,500 existing customers, a standard implementation can be performed by your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner in less than a week.

This solution can be integrated with the following NAV versions: 5.01 / 2009/2009 R2 Classic / 2013/2013 R2 / 2015/2016/2017.

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Award-winning OCR
Approval Flow Digital Archive

  • CONTINIA DOCUMENT CAPTURE is the best and most complete solution for scanning purchase invoices and other documents directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central!
  • It is the only solution in the market that simultaneously offers automatic document registration, OCR data extraction, an advanced approval flow and a fully indexed and searchable digital archive.
  • DOCUMENT CAPTURE optimizes and automates all your process flows - from document entry to your subsequent search.

Tired of manual entries?

Continia Document Capture optimizes and automates all workflow processes - from receiving a document to retrieving it again when you need it. Using pre-defined e-mail addresses and folders on a file server, all incoming documents are automatically downloaded and OCR processed. Paper documents can be scanned and registered in the same way.

Main benefits

  • Continia Document Capture is a document management solution fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central that optimizes document registration through OCR technology, integrated information validation and its digital file.
  • It generates effective savings in the handling of unstructured information, namely in registration, approval process, digital file and document search, with a quick return on investment.
  • Possibility to choose among several licensing models, including subscription.


You can download our factsheet about Continia.