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What is the Eletronic Invoicing?


Electronic Invoicing is a legal obligation, in the supply of goods and services to European public entities, but also an opportunity to rationalize processes, reduce costs and innovate internal procedures.

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Eletronic Invoicing?

From 1 January 2019, under the terms of Directive 2014/55/EU, suppliers and entities of the Public Administration shall issue, transmit and receive invoices exclusively by electronic means.

According to the EU, eletronic invoicing is "an invoice that has been issued, transmitted and received in a structured electronic format, that allows for automatic and electronic processing.".

In compliance with European legislation (Directive 2014/55/EU), it is not enough to send a PDF invoice via email so that it is considered an electronic invoice.

According to the European Law, electronic billing requires the creation of data in a correct structure (defined by a European standard model) and sent directly from the seller's system to the buyer.

In this way, the invoice can be automatically imported into the Public Entity's system, without the need for manual insertion.

The rules apply to invoicing on public procurement context and therefore have an impact also on private providers.

Should be reinforced that the European regulation was developed to be used by Public Administration and by Private Companies (Business-to Government, Government-to-Government and Business-to-Business).

1. The Add'On for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messaging, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

2. Supports the exchange of the following messages:

  • ORDERS IN (Orders)
  • INVOIC IN (Purchase Invoice)
  • INVOIC OUT (Sales Invoice)
  • DESADV OUT (Shipping Notification)
  • ORDRSP OUT (Order confirmation)

Streamline your financial department and ensure compliance with European Law. The electronic invoice can be generated, issued and filed via electronic means, with the same legal value, adding new security conditions for your business.

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