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Jet Reports


Jet is a reporting add-on designed for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Jet Global solutions are tested and repeatedly implemented with AX, NAV and Dynamics to work right out of the box.

Pre-built reports, dashboards, cubes, automated data warehousing and an intuitive design means rapid time-to-value. By using the familiar Excel user interface, we reduce the time it takes for your staff to maximize productivity.

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Jet Reports quickly and easily generate timely, accurate financial reports in the format that works for you, right inside of Excel.



Jet Budgets makes it easy to build budgets, control inputs, track workflow and drive strategic decisions based on realistic and accurate figures.



Jet Hub gives you access to the right data whenever you need it with complete report management, scheduling, and collaboration.

  • Pull any data directly into Excel. No manual exporting, no copy and pasting. Begin using and building reports immediately.
  • Drill-down on the numbers directly from Excel. Access and run reports from anywhere on the web.
  • Reports seamlessly update with ERP upgrades. Automatically move from one version of Dynamics to the next.
  • No hard-coding or programming skills required. Reports seamlessly update with ERP upgrades.
  • Complete collaboration and publishing platform. Feel confident it’s the right data and workbook.
  • Built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics. Extensive report library to use out of the box. Same day download and installation.

1. Legacy Data is Vital to Measuring Performance

2. Legacy Data Reveals Trends and Patterns for Planning

3. Legacy Data Provides Context and Reassurance to Users

Find out how you can preserve your most valuable data faster, easier – saving time, money, and lowering stress levels significantly. Simplify your data migration strategy with Jet Reports solutions.