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Talent Management Solutions


We offer a set of reliable and user-friendly applications, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP, which simplify processes and monetize resources, for greater efficiency in Human Resource Management.

Simplify the Manager's administrative and planning tasks, guaranteeing the established workflows, as well as obtaining accurate data, namely reports, analyzes and indicators, for the correct analysis of his activity.

Because it is necessary to quantify and financially evaluate the cost of our Human Capital, we provide you with the right tools to operationalize all HR department tasks, as well as extract the necessary data that support decision making.



The application that guarantees a flexible payroll, complemented by the Employee Portal.

Employee Portal

The web application where you can plan all your Human Resources development activities.

  • It is an application in accordance with national legislation, which ensures the entire administrative process inherent in the payroll and allows the extraction of the necessary legal maps.
  • This application aggregates the employee's data, issues alerts for necessary changes, cross-checks information and allows extracting official reports for certain competent entities.
  • NAVHR allows you to generate reports based on Reporting Services and exportable to Microsoft Office Excel.

Find out some success stories of customers who already use the NAVHR solution for the management of human resources department.

NAVHR Success Stories


Simplified management with a platform that provides you with the information of your employees: hiring data, training, absence justifications, resumes, team vacation map, staff development, career management. Have a single data repository.

Simplify the registration process or request for absence and / or overtime, with the possibility of attaching proofs. The registered absences and vacations will be submitted to the team leader for approval, facilitating the data verification process for payroll.

Easily coordinate recruitment processes and automate candidate registration. Effectively manage your database and redirect applicants according to open positions. Control all stages of the recruitment process.

Evaluation is an indispensable mechanism for the definition of objectives, analysis metrics, method for measuring results and, finally, for determining the resulting measures (training, progression / promotion, etc.). Define all the steps inherent to the evaluation process and have in one tool the answered surveys, the weightings, and statistical results.

An in-depth characterization of the training of employees, including legal requirements, such as the issuance of the Single Report. Find out who was summoned for a training action, what the evaluation was, who was the trainer and the costs incurred from it. These and other information always accessible on a single platform.

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