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Purchase Portal


Solution that allows you to manage your entire purchase process


Purchase Portal is a solution that reinvents the way associations manage their daily costs, help to identify and improve your investment culture. No matter the size of the organization or your business, with this solution you have the necessary tools at your disposal to help manage your purchase process.

Flexible and modular solution, complemented with a mobile application, which replaces the inappropriate tools for the purchases management, which teams have to use every day, namely excel, email, paper and telephone, making the process faster.

Say goodbye to the maintenance of several systems, through the different functionalities that centralize, in a single place, the various sub-processes, from purchase requisitions, quotation system, orders to suppliers to reception, increasing the efficiency of your organization.

Users can easily place purchase requisitions, approve requisitions and issue the respective order to the supplier, receive products or services and approve invoices, on any device, anywhere.

Whether by optimizing your current process, or because you don't have any process or a complex ERP system, we have introduced different flows, with workflows adaptable to your corporate image, to help you make the best decisions.

Find out how Purchase Portal can help you in the complete management of your purchase process

Benefits and Features

purchase-portal-arquiconsult-scheme-af-EN BENEFITS


Make management simplified, with a single platform, which can be consulted by all workers. Make the purchasing process more transparent, faster and with all the information in your hand. Everything in the Purchase Portal.



Centralize requisition processes and eliminate excel, email and paper, using a simplified registration process, selecting products/services from a pre-defined catalog or from a list of pre-approved products. Use customized approval flows based on what is requested.



Create a work screen where you can manage your entire procurement process, from quotes received or to be received, and make the best decision for your business, based on the history of product quotes and your contacts with suppliers.



Control the entire contact process between your organization and suppliers. Send purchase orders generated by the system electronically to your suppliers, based on requisition process. Free workers from contact management with their suppliers.



Use Purchase Portal to receive goods and classify those same receipts. Control what has already been received, what is yet to be received and what needs to be reviewed.



Through Purchase Portal, have quick access to the order or receipt to which the invoice is linked, verify that you are paying for what was delivered or ordered and enter approvers, in case you need validation.



Manage your suppliers in one place, evaluate each one, in different categories, and have a better perception of the transactions carried out. Get the most out of your relationship with your suppliers.



Control internally, through a single location, access all the information you need, define budgets and control each purchase, helping to make the decision with confidence.


Simplify the purchase process by request, issuing the purchase and reception order, helping the finance team to make payments in adjusted procedure:

  • Core Processes: requisitions, purchase orders, receipt, all with approval flows;
  • Comparison of quotations and proposals record;
  • Invoice match, either by purchase or reception order.

In a single location, manage your suppliers, evaluate their performance, record their receipts and history of quotations / proposals:

  • Prepare purchase orders through requisitions;
  • Check which products / services have already been delivered, under what conditions and which are yet to arrive;
  • Create catalogs by suppliers, help the organization order products from the right place;
  • Evaluate suppliers and deliveries.

Simple and flexible configuration with parameterization of approval flows adapted to you, without emails or papers. Reduce processes by reducing approval cycles:

  • Knowing who approves what, knowing that the right people are approving what they must approve;
  • Designing flexible approval flows for your organization;
  • Configuration of flows by value limits, departments or users;
  • Different access profiles.

Integrate our solution with your ERP client, through our APIs, and speed up processes using the mobile application of the Purchasing Portal, it is not because you are away from the desk that you cannot do your job:

  • Requisitions, approvals and receipts, wherever you are;
  • Alerts, if there is something that needs your attention.

Optimize costs and get more out of your resources and assets. Purchase Portal is a modular and flexible solution that offers, along with business intelligence technology, a set of analyzes out-of-the-box:

  • Perform accurate analyzes, with all the necessary information;
  • Access reliable reports and do your job with maximum efficiency.