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Microsoft Sharepoint, your business collaboration platform


SharePoint connects and empower people through formal and informal business communities, allowing to manage content more effectively throughout the information lifecycle.

SharePoint platform consolidates collaboration solutions and makes it possible to reduce costs through lower training costs, increased IT productivity and economic maintenance.

Enables rapid response to business needs, based on the achievement of knowledge supported by data, and provides a development and implementing solutions faster.

SharePoint is divided into the following categories:


The SharePoint Site category provides a unique infrastructure for all your business sites so as to share documents with colleagues, manage projects with partners and publish information for your clients.

Communities I Collaborative Social Network

The SharePoint Communities category provides high collaboration tools– and an unique platform to manage them. Simplifies sharing of ideas among people and work together when needed.


The SharePoint Content simplifies the management of content. It establishes reference measures “in the background” – with features such as types of documents, retention policies and automatic sorting of content – and allows people to work naturally in Microsoft Office.


SharePoint Search puts an end to disorder. The unique combination of refinement and social aspects helps people find the information and contacts they need to carry out their work.


SharePoint Insights give access to information from the database, reports and business applications. Help the people find the information they need to make good decisions.


SharePoint Composites provides tools and components to create, by yourself, your business solutions. Build, without code, solutions to quickly answer the business needs.

O Microsoft SharePoint simplifies collaborative work

With SharePoint your team can create sites to share information with other people, manage documents, from beginning to end, and publish reports, to help everyone make the best decisions.