Enwis)® is a vertical solution, developed under Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central technology, that allows complete management of all areas related to waste management, increasing your productivity and your efficiency.

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Arquiconsult has a team of professionals specialized in Waste Management area that offers assurance and high satisfaction with the solutions available. By reducing the financial impact of the tools, the economic value added is addressed in response to their technical and business needs through personalized services.

What is enwis)®?

About Enwis

Waste Management companies, to succeed in an increasingly competitive market, must keep their processes efficient and avoid mistakes that generates additional costs, in an increasingly regulated activity. This way, it is essential to ensure transparency between several areas of business, and this is possible only with an integrated solution.

Enwis)® solution replaces a set of individual solutions in different areas of use that are often not linked to each other efficiently and seamlessly. Consequently, data is duplicated and isn’t readily available to users so that the correct information can be used for management analysis.

  • Management

    An integrated and up-to-date view of the quantities of waste, their costs and their income.

  • Sales

    Full and integrated view (without duplication of data) of all contracts in force, as well as the values of all agreed services (containers, non-recoverable, recoverable).

  • Logistic

    Complete control of all used resources, with respective costs for each turn, vehicle, driver.

  • Financial

    Traceability of all invoices, with picking orders and even with weighing lugs.


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Multiple features you can find in enwis)®

Business Management / Contracts Management

Business Management / Contracts Management

This solution allows you to manage clients, contacts, proposals and contracts. There is also the possibility of creating orders according to the conditions of the contract. In addition, it also allows updating of contracts based on the most used indexes (in this case, ASPAPEL and LME).

Billing (Waste, Services and Equipment Rental)

Billing (Waste, Services and Equipment Rental)

This module allows you to present all performed services and pending billing, gives you the possibility of automatic billing of rentals according to their time of use. Enables you to automaticaly billing othe purchases and sales from the services performed,
with direct integration into accounting.

Planning and Routes Management

Planning and
Routes Management

This module allows to organize the routes by postal code for greater optimization, with vehicles and drivers by route and cyclic routes with automatic insertion of the orders in those routes.
Issuance of residue monitoring guides and other mandatory legal documents.

Receiving, Expediting and Storing Waste

Receiving, Expediting and Storing Waste

Allows you the contracts management with recyclers, with respective price management. In this way it is possible to have profitability analyzes with the control and validation of quantities received / sent. Immediate inventory inquiry by type of waste (internal codes, LER codes).

Treatment and Production

Treatment and

Production methods with activities and final products, with connection to waste entrance. Suggestion of materials to produce a particular product and verification the existence of necessary stock. The production order may have an analysis record for certification of the compound or end product.

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About Arquiconsult

Arquiconsult is an information systems consulting company based on Microsoft technologies, formed by a consultants team with great experience in such projects operating in Portugal.

Result of extensive enwis)® project experience in different industries, brings together the knowledge that allow us to assume as our main mission to ensure the best solution that can add real value to the customer's day-to-day.

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About Arquiconsult

We help companies, teams and business units to be more efficiency, through information and documents sharing. We contribute to an effective communication between people, so they can use information in any place, any time.

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